Adventures ashore in Juneau

Juneau is the capital city of Alaska, and is a gem of a port on the Alaskan Inside Passage.  You'll have a very hard time deciding on what amazing adventure you want to pursue here.  Do you want to take the helicopter tour to Mendenhall Glacier?  Do you want to venture by boat to see the amazing humpback whales and orca that are known to visit the area?  Or do you want to explore Alaska on land via dogsled- something you definitely can't do back home!

AMS Travel Sales recommends shore excursions from Shoretrips, the trusted name in Shore Excursions for years.  We have known Barry and Julie at Shoretrips for many many years, and know they are committed to amazing adventures ashore.  You can feel confident that your Alaska adventures are in good hands with Shoretrips!

Level 3 Glacier Trek Via Helicopter

An intense glacier hike!

You'll travel to the glacier via helicopter- an adventure in itself!

Once on the glacier, you'll be taught the proper use of mountaineering gear. You'll be trekking over remote and pristine glacier routes, so we'll make sure that you understand the glacier features and hazards.

This trek will be hard, but very rewarding. At times it will be extensive and physically demanding. You may experience steep terrain. It should last about four hours. We'll introduce you to basic climbing and rope techniques so that you can safely climb and descend ice walls. Sound like fun? If you're the athletic type, you're going to have a blast.

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Guided Paddle of Mendenhall Lake

One of the best Alaskan wilderness experiences is nestled just 20 minutes from downtown Juneau. This guided kayak rental package is great if you want the gratification of being “out there” on your own. Participants who are physically fit and are experienced kayakers will enjoy this fully customizable self-guided route.

Enjoy paddling near icebergs, arctic tern nesting cliffs and giant waterfalls en route to the terminus of the glacier. Marvel at the incredible views of Mendenhall Glacier and be sure to keep an eye out for abundant Alaskan wildlife!

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Icefield Helicopter and Dog Sled Combo

Shoretrips Alaska Helicopter rides are unique! Instead of going to the crowded Mendenhall glacier, where you're constantly under the wind and whine of several helicopters, this trip to the Hubbard Glacier will allow you to enjoy the experience in the silence of nature- as the pilot shuts off the engines of the helicopter.  A much more pleasurable experience that only Shoretrips can offer!

As you land on the 20-30 feet of snow on Herbert Glacier, you will hear the 80 huskies barking their greeting, as they are as anxious to get moving as you are. You will have some time to chat with the mushers and hear unique personal accounts of the Iditarod backcountry experiences. You will be given instructions on stopping and using the brakes, if you want to drive the sled.

Details from Shoretrips