Adventures ashore in Skagway

The little town of Skagway is home to some very interesting history and one of the most popular excursions on an Alaska inside passage cruise.  You can spend your time in port exploring this gold rush era town, complete with a realistic wild-west style saloon or you can take the White Pass train deep into the Yukon for a unique perspective on this beautiful area.

How will you spend your day in Skagway?

AMS Travel Sales recommends shore excursions from Shoretrips, the trusted name in Shore Excursions for years.  We have known Barry and Julie at Shoretrips for many many years, and know they are committed to amazing adventures ashore.  You can feel confident that your Alaska adventures are in good hands with Shoretrips!


Alaska Backcountry by ATV

It would be a shame to spend the entirety of your time in Alaska following the paved roads of local highways. Although these can provide appealing lookouts, the true Alaskan trailblazers veered off the beaten path and adventured into the alpine tundra. Hopping into an ATV,with a local as your lead, you will start a 6 mile journey through the wilderness as you soak in breathtaking views of stunning lakes, snow covered peaks and ever elusive glaciers. These are the type of panoramic vantage points that you truly have to see to believe.

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Scenic Float Trip

Time to get up close and personal to Alaska and it's beautiful scenery! This activity is another example of how the actual raft trip is just one part of a terrific introduction to Alaskan wilderness and history. The location of your entry into the Taiya River allows you to enjoy a beautiful ride along the coast to Dyea valley. It's an old gold rush settlement steeped in history. Your narrated ride will be interesting AND scenic, and you might spot some eagles, as well as other critters, while you listen and observe. We don't make any promises, but seals are often seen along with the occasional bear sighting.

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Glacier Flightseeing

We invite you to join us for an approximately 1 hour flight and experience the dynamic beauty, power, and vast ice expanses of Alaska’s renowned Glacier Bay National Park. View ice spirals, deep blue crevasses, the valley floor, hanging glaciers, craggy peaks, the Glacier Bay Ice Field, iceberg-filled lakes, and more! Keep an eye out for mountain goats, moose, brown and black bear, waterfalls, and rivers. Some of the many glaciers you'll see are the Rainbow, Davidson, Casement, McBride, Riggs, Muir, and Takhin, among others.

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White Pass Train and Drive

ALL ABOARD! Skagway’s most scenic ALASKAN experience begins with a 28-mile journey between Skagway, Alaska, and Fraser, British Columbia, aboard the Scenic Railway of the World. The White Pass Railway, which was completed in 1900, has a narrow gauge track that takes visitors into the White Pass. Experience the breathtaking panorama of mountains, glaciers, gorges, waterfalls, tunnels, and trestles while listening to historic narration from the comfort of vintage passenger coaches. Climbing up the mountainside, you'll see the extreme changes in vegetation as you pass through several temperate zones before reaching Fraser.

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